ACT NOW for Fertility Coverage in Washington! 

Great news! Lawmakers have returned to Olympia, and the Washington State Building Families Act, HB 1151/SB 5204, is active again! We need as many lawmakers as possible to support and co-sponsor this legislation, which means YOUR lawmakers need to hear why fertility insurance is important to YOU. 

Please send the letter on the next page to your State Senator and Representatives and personalize it if you’re comfortable. In a few sentences or less, let them know how infertility has impacted your life and how insurance or the lack of insurance impacted or will impact your journey. The more lawmakers who sign on to the legislation, the sooner hearings can be scheduled and the better our chances of passing this pro-family bill in 2024.

Thank you for your support and please share with anyone else in your state who may be willing to help. 

Let’s do this, Washington! 

You can see the email below:

Dear Senator or Representative, 

I am writing to bring to your attention the issue of insurance coverage for fertility services. This pro-family issue will be before the legislature this session and I urge you to support the proposed inclusion of diagnosis and treatments for infertility in our state’s health care insurance policies. I’m asking that you please support and sign on to HB 1151 and SB 5204. 

My guess is this issue has already touched your life, since 1 in 6 have trouble getting or staying pregnant. Perhaps through a personal experience, through a family member, or knowing of a friend’s challenges with creating a family. 

It is emotionally fraught, complicated, but a fixable problem that results in a lifetime of joy. 

I urge you to become part of this fix. 

I write to ask you to commit your support for legislation that will make families a priority and authorize these medically necessary treatments for our state’s residents. By doing so you will help Washington join the 21 other states that already include fertility services in their state’s health insurance policy offerings. 

Thank you,