I want to stand with RESOLVE and Fight for Families. 

A message from RESOLVE: We are at a pivotal moment for our community. In RESOLVE’s 50-year history we have never witnessed the public discourse happening today on the many ways to build a family. Sometimes that spotlight shines bright and brings access to people who need it. Sometimes that spotlight is a target and threatens the availability of needed medical care.  

Now is our time. We need to reach many more people who will stand with us, believe in our mission, and fight for families. Take this pledge and share it with your friends and family who support you and ask them to join you.  

We, RESOLVE, are dedicated to advancing the rights and access to care for the infertility and family building community, for the 1 in 6 people who will face infertility. 

RESOLVE believes in the fundamental right to equitable access to healthcare, education, information, and emotional support for all individuals navigating infertility and seeking to build their families.  

RESOLVE believes that all family building options should be legal, available, and accessible to everyone who needs them.